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The Peace of Wild Things

I’ve loved this poem for a long, long time, and I offer it here for all those who struggle to entrust their loved ones to Grace. by Wendell Berry When despair for the world grows in me and I wake … Continue reading

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In Memory of Rosie Martin, 03/19/00 — 11/20/14

Rosie died yesterday, surrounded by people and prayers of those who loved her. Those very people–near and far–whom she loved so fully and faithfully for 14 years. The pain and sorrow are still too raw for me to offer a … Continue reading

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The Death of Keeping Score

  In January, I met an author who is delightfully, scandalously immersed in grace and whose books are challenging my very broken, very narrow understanding of said grace. Robert Capon died last September, but not before influencing a pastor (Tullian … Continue reading

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Standing Firm

I’m reading through the Bible (NLT), and I’m currently at Isaiah 7. Ahaz, king of Judah, hears that Syria has allied with Israel to attack Jerusalem. Ahaz is, as Isaiah describes it, trembling “like trees shaking in a storm” (v. … Continue reading

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A Prayer

Abba, This morning I am your freckle-nosed daughter with unruly blonde hair and skinned knees. I’m sweaty and sticky from playing in the front yard and slurping on a popsicle. Dirt caked beneath my fingernails from digging in the garden. … Continue reading

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Authenticity v. Holiness

Has “Authenticity” Trumped Holiness? My friend, Rameylady, sent the above article my way and wanted to know what I thought about it. Here goes… The author cites numerous books and films and blogs dedicated to messy Christians. I suspect that … Continue reading

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Just Like Lucy

“I’m here. I’m here. I’ve come back, I’m all right.” So says Lucy upon her return from Narnia. Of course, no one had missed her. For Peter, Susan, and Edmund, the game of hide-n-seek had just begun. For Lucy, however, … Continue reading

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